Thursday, October 08, 2009

Kleenex Stockpile from Safeway

What a SUPER awesome deal on Kleenex at Safeway. I guess the sale was going on for a while, but I just hit it up after my mom did it and told me about it. This promo ENDS tomorrow 10/9 Go here to get the details

I bought 15 boxes Kleenex 110 ct. on sale for $.99 each
Paid $4.05
I should have received a $3 catalina to use on my next trip, but it didn't print. It printed out no problem the first 4 times, but not this last transaction so I will be calling Catalina to get my money.

If your catalina didn't print at any store for any sale, you can call Catalina and they will mail you what you should have got. You will need your receipt.
Don't be afraid to demand what is owed to you. Or you can always return the items and get your money back, but what fun is that?

I called for my first time on Monday because I didn't receive my $10 catalina for buying 8 Joint Juices. But the line was busy and I ended up leaving a voicemail. It's Thursday evening and no returned call. BUT, DON'T LET THAT STOP YOU FROM CALLING, GET PAID!......I'm going to try, try again!

My mom's friend called and had NO problem and she received her catalina very fast.

Here's the number to Catalina 1-888-826-8766

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