Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Target May 19 Freebies!

I ran out of dryer sheets the other day and I needed some so I could finish my laundry. So I went to Target and ended up with the items above. My grand total was just over $1 more than the cost of the Bounce Dryer Sheets! Man I love coupons...The 100-Calorie Packs came to $.04 each after manufacturer and Target coupons!!! I found 2 clearance filler items because I had 6 coupons and those were cheap and good for gift bags.

$7.93 Total Spent
$7.03 Saved

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I'm on another blog!

I just found this Blogger from Cowlitz County and was amazed at her stock pile of free stuff. I sent her an email asking how she keeps track of her savings and that night, my email was one of her posts. Go here to see it!

Another local site I frequent is Fugal Living NW

Happy couponing!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fred Meyer Founder's Day Sale---Best Deal EVER!!!

I paid $9.02 out of pocket for all of this food at Fred Meyers today! This has to be my biggest and best deal to date!!!!
Before my coupons, but after my Rewards Card sale prices....$58.79
I had Fred Meyer weekly ad coupons, manufacturers coupons and Rewards Card Rebates to knock my total down to $9.02. Plus I still have $20 in Rewards Rebates to use by July 29!!!!
Coupons.com and Fred Meyer's website coupons is where I got my $1.00 off cereal coupons.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Walgreens May 2

This was 4 transactions totalling around $13 (the 3 12-liters of soda came to $11 alone) I've been following several coupon blogs that tell me the best deals of the week, what coupons to use and where/when to find them. Its become a serious addiction and my mom's hooked too! Can't wait to see what deals I can find Sunday after going through the paper!

My Free Stash

These are all of my FREE items I've found over the past 2 weeks! I'm starting my stash! The Dry Idea (4) and Purell (4) came from Target, Lint rollers from Walmart (never going back, EVER!!!) and the Quaker rice cakes from Safeway!!!


Schick Quatro Razor
On sale for $6.99
Used (1) $4 off manufacturers coupons
Used (1) $2 Target printable coupon
Paid $.99 + tax (this is the 2 Schick Quatro I've got for .99 and a Schick Trimstyle for free)

Smart Food Popcorn
On sale $3
Used (1) $1 manufacturers coupon
Used (1) $1 Target printable
Paid $1.00 + tax

Target Sponges 2-pack
Used (1) $1 Target printable coupon

Total Price Paid

Walgreens Trip May 6

$21.48 Total before 20% off Discount & Coupons

$2.54 Price Paid

$18.94 Savings