Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Sunday & 4 Target Trips

I really love Target!!! I paid just under $40 for all of this and saved over $110!!!!
Here's the breakdown:
45--Razors (5 Gillette Fusions, 2-4pks Noxema, 4-8pks Schick)
11--Soft Soap Hand Soap Pumps
1-Febreeze Candle (not in picture, I'm burning it right now)
4--Bounty Paper Towels
4--Kotex Pantyliner 16-ct. ea.
5--Charmin TP On-the-go-rolls
5--All Laundry Soap 2 loads each
3--Tide Laundry Soap 1 load each
4--Colgate Sponge Bob Square Pants travel size tooth paste
2--Electrosol Dishwasher Soap 40 ct. ea.
1--Travel size spray bottle
A lot of this was free and I will be donating it to the women's shelter.

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